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Server Maintenance

Sunday, July 7, 2013
Brief period of server maintenance today. The game didn't come straight back up afterwards because, alas, someone had overslept and also forgotten what day it was. It's there now though.

DDoS Attack

Sunday, April 28, 2013
The server's being DDoS'd again today. If you can't connect to, please try: (


Friday, December 7, 2012
"Yet we cannot withhold all sympathy from the great families of Outremer. They were selfish and short sighted politically. They showed a vulgar taste for parading their wealth, a deplorable love of intrigue, a blithe disregard of the sterner moral virtues. But these languid lords who seemed only to bestir themselves when there was a plot to be launched, a commercial deal to be arranged or a sumptuous entertainment to be given, and their painted and perfumed ladies who married and remarried so easily, clinging onto their dowries the while, were not without courage or enterprise. Their lives were precarious; and they knew it.

"At any moment the lord might have to rise from his couch to ride out against enemy raiders. At any moment his lady mind find herself in charge of the defence of her castle. At any moment the festivities might be interrupted by the sound of the infidel mangonels pounding against the walls. Life was merry, but it was short; and when the crisis came there was no lack of gallantry among the lords and ladies of Outremer. They had tasted with relish the gracious things of life; and they faced their doom with pride and resolution."

-- Sir Steven Runciman, The History of the Crusades